S. V. Rachmaninoff – H.Wolf koncert, RCZK Russian center of sience and culture Ljubljana

28. November, in the Grand hall of the RCZK (Russian center of science and culture) there was a concert of extraordinary musicians: the Slovenian pianist who finished his study at the Moscow state conservatory Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, Erik Šuler and opera singer Vera Danilova who was educated at the best opera schools in Russia and Italy.

With piano accompaniment of Erik Šuler, Vera Danilova sang romances of the great Russian composer Sergej Rachmaninoff »Zdes khorosho«, »Margaritki« and others and songs and romances of the Austrian composer with slovenian roots Hugo Wolf (1860-1903). Erik Šuler excellently played the masterpiece of the composer Rachmaninoff »Vocalise«.

The audience was listening to the performance of the young and gifted musicians with enthusiasm.